Tie Dye Diving Shammies -
For Divers, Open Water swimmers and Surfers

About the shammies

The diving shammy (shammie, whichever your favourite spelling is!) is our newest product. 
The tie dying process makes the shammies not only beautiful but also unique! We can try the "made to order" process like we have done for our young Dutch / Jamaican customer, but we cannot guarantee an accurate reproduction of your idea; the shammies are tie-died after all and not hand painted. 

Some parents might wonder why shammies are so expensive to buy?! It is not
the white product in itself. It is the long hours spent tie-dyeing them and getting them ready to be sold to the customers! For more info read the blog.

Shop below for Large (approx. 64 x 46 cm) and Small (approx. 46 x 32 cm):

  • "Rainbow" designs - which celebrates every diver quest for the pot of gold medals, being Skills, Age Groups, Elite, Junior or World and Olympic gold! It doesn't really matter the level, the dream is the same, as powerful for the young Skills diver as for the seasoned Olympic diver!

  • "Barbed Wire" designs which recognises the pain that the divers go through: Mental blocks to achieve that particular dive you need for the next level; and Physical pain during the learning process - in the gym, dry boards or the pool, when you hit the water at high speed, the red marks appear followed by the purple and then yellowing massive bruises.

  • "Butterfly Wings" designs which wishes every customer to have the easiest of rides on the wind down to the water in a perfect straight position; as few Barbed Wire events as possible and to find that pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow!

Shammy Care Instructions 

The PVA shammy (shammie) will absorb nearly 20 times its weight in water. When wet, it becomes soft, squishy, and super flexible. When dry, it becomes very stiff and rigid, so many people like to store them damp, in a resealable bag. Just let it soak for a minute and it will start feeling just like it did when you first got it. It has anti-mildew agents built into it, so if clean, it can be stored slightly damp without worry. This does not harm the shammy or affect the life span. 

The is  machine washable, but you never place it in the dryer. Wash by hand with a little hand soap or dish soap (especially if you use an antibacterial one), or throw it in the machine to clean it, and then air dry to finish; but do not put it on a hot radiator, as it will stick t it. Never wash with fabric softener because it will reduce the fabric properties over time. When brand new, you will want to wash the shammy before your first use, and remove some of the extra dye, that even after lots of rinse by ourselves (and colour fixing), it might still bleed. For this reason, do not wash it with other clothes.  Because it is a sponge, it will collect and absorb things as you use it, the nasty bacteria from the poolside, so you will want to wash it after every use, but just a quick hand wash with antibacterial soap will suffice.